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… for the sensibilities of a seasoned engineer (formerly Apple), talented artist (currently The Fort Co. Photography), and empathetic relationship-builder (just wait). All in one.

I'm taking on projects, billable by the week. Or by the day, if you've got something smaller.


What I do:

Web applications and strategies, purpose-built. My kicks come from deeply grokking the scenario, discovering what's between everyone and their best work, and bridging that gap with tooling and process design. I'm good at this, and I can solve that gap for you.

It's worth mentioning: I made an entire company out of my work around Shopify (see: Locksmith), making me an extremely good choice for work in that area.


Why I do it:

A relationship where everyone does their best work is incredible. The network effects are just nuts, and those effects are what I'm dedicated to. Making everything better starts with making your spaces better.

Everyone has a role to play. If you dig yours, I'd love to join you in mine. :)

What happens next:

  1. Email me – isaac@fortco.tech – with your project's needs.
  2. I'll get back to you. If we're a match, we'll set up a call.

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