I am building tools for you. Use them, and get back to doing what you were made for.


Why you:

That "you are important" statement is fact. It's right up there next to "you are beautiful" and "you are loved", on the list of things you should know.

You are hearing this from a software engineer of fifteen years (just went independent after leaving Apple, by the way) because I believe that you – and I, and we – contain a passion and an intuition that is worth trusting, and worth building upon.

It is my mission to solve the problems that you were not made for, so that you can get to the problems you were made for.

You can see the interdependence in this: trust me, for I am working for you, and I will trust you to do the same.

(You are not required for this work, but it will not be the same without you.)


“We are all meant to shine,
as children do.”

— Marianne Williamson. This is my next tattoo.


Why me:

I'm an engineer, photographer, and musician. I've spent fifteen years doing all three simultaneously, because they feel exactly the same.

I was a senior software engineer at Apple. I was a dev team manager at Enova. I built platform tools at Threadless, and at the Chicago Public Library.

Everywhere I go, and everyone I meet, and everything I make, it's all in service of finding the simplest possible patterns in how life works. I throw out these names as a shortcut, to give you an idea that I am very good at finding the patterns and working with them.

Cutting to the chase:
The root of it all, the simplest possible positive pattern, is love.

Love, trust, "yes, and" – the willingness to overlook the flaws, and find the good, and seek the better in every step.

This applies everywhere, and I apply it everywhere, and I'm not sure I can fully communicate how exciting this is but I'm sure as hell trying, in every single thing I make.

You know my name, and the name is not important, but you knowing it means love has done work for you. ❤️

What next?

Read my blog, or drop me a line. Either way, it's good to see you. :)